VOTE FOR ME! Nominated in Artist of the Year Contest!.

2nd August 2022
  Thanks to all of you, I was Brilliant Artist in the Dutch artist top 100, 2021. Please vote for me this year for Artist of the Year. Thank you so... Read more »

Brilliant Artist of the year!! .

20th November 2020
I'm honoured! BRILLIANT ARTIST OF THE YEAR ! Dutch contemporary artist of the year 2021 competition. Thanks for all your votes! Read more »

Museum solo show 'Delicious Paintings' extended! .

11th January 2020
Due to great success Tjalf Sparnaay's solo exhibition ‘Delicious Paintings’ is extended until March 1, 2020! Museum JAN, Amstelveen, The Netherlands Read more »

Dutch Television.

13th December 2019
Cathelijne Broers, Director of the Hermitage Amsterdam, reviewed my work at my solo show in museum JAN (van der Togt) on Dutch... Read more »

Video of the opening soloshow Delicious Paintings in Museum Jan (vdTogt) The Netherlands.

25th November 2019
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Delicious Paintings, solo exhibition museum Jan van der Togt Amstelveen The Netherlands.

16th September 2019
PRESS RELEASE   17 October 2019 - 19 January 2020 Delicious Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay Hyperrealistic food-related paintings and new urban photographic... Read more »

Fleamarket Rembrandt on view in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

16th September 2019
Fleamarket Rembrandt is te zien in het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam op de tentoonstelling 'Lang Leve Rembrandt' ter ere van zijn 350ste verjaardag. De tentoonstelling... Read more »

'Food for Thought'.

1st March 2019
Dutch Pastry, 4Donuts and small Golden Egg are included in 'Food for Thought', a collection of small works curated by Susan Meisel at Louis K. Meisel Gallery New... Read more »

Art Miami 2018.

6th December 2018
Now at Art Miami! A fresh Hamburger, just off the easel: Hamburger With Red Onion, 2018, 40 x 70 cm.  And BLT Sandwich, 2015, 75  120 cm at Louis K. Meisel... Read more »

Louis K. Meisel, New York.

30th November 2018
Louis K. Meisel, the origin of the word Photorealism in person, showed me his amazing art collection in his fabulous many stories SoHo loft above the gallery in Prince... Read more »

PAN Amsterdam 2018.

30th November 2018
Grand Opening Pan Amsterdam on saturday november 17th. The Golden Egg and the Hamburger were sold immediately at the preview.  Read more »

PAN Amsterdam.

12th November 2018
Two new works will be on show at PAN AMSTERDAM, 18- 25 november 2018. MPV Gallery, booth 84. PAN Amsterdam is the  Dutch fair for art, antiques and design.  Read more »

New Painting.

12th November 2018
Just finished Hamburger with Red Onions, 2018, 75 x 120 cm, oil on linen.  Read more »

Iconic Egg.

14th August 2018
The fact that a painting of a fried egg, of all things, would take on iconic status became apparent gradually, over the course of years. Without wanting to be... Read more »

Nominated in Artist of the Year contest!.

23rd July 2018
VOTE FOR ME!!   Thanks to all of you last year I was no. 11 in the Dutch artist top 100. Help me ahead into the top 10! Please vote and... Read more »

Coverstory International Artist.

21st May 2018
Coverstory 'International Artist', April/May 2018: Tjalf Sparnaay reinterpreting reality. Detail of Big Burger 2015, 120x180 cm. Read more »

Opening museumshow 'We are Food'.

6th March 2018
FoodScape, Sorbet, CocaColaCan and a fresh fried egg at the exhibiton 'We are Food', in museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands, 24 februari - 16 september... Read more »

Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York.

26th February 2018
I am pleased and proud to announce my collaboration with Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY. It’s an honour to work from now on with the iconic Lou Meisel, the... Read more »

Article Christies Real Estate .

20th February 2018 Read more »

Opening museumshow Food!.

2nd January 2018
At the opening of the museumshow “Food!” in Museum Nairac, the small fried egg is bought by Henk & Victoria de Heus. I’m very proud to be part of... Read more »

Food! Art&Design.

14th November 2017
Small fried egg at exhibition 'Food! Art&Design' Museum Nairac, Barneveld, The Netherlands 3 november 2017 - 6 january 2018 Read more »

Nominated in Artist of the Year contest! .

4th July 2017
VOTE FOR ME!! Thanks to all of you I entered the Dutch artist top 100 from scratch on 14 last... Read more »

Size Doesn't Matter.

8th May 2017
Three new little works for the show 'Size Doesn't Matter' at BernarducciMeisel Gallery, New York A survey of small works curated by Susan P. Meisel 6-... Read more »

The Marlborough Lecture.

8th May 2017
Lecture 'Reinventing Dutch still life painting'. March 23, 2017 at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, UK. Read more »

Baking and Painting Fried Eggs during MuseumNight.

8th May 2017
Baking and painting Fried Eggs during MuseumNight at museum de Kunsthal, Rotterdam with MasterChef Pierre Wind. Read more »

Opening museum show Hyperrealisme, Kunsthal Rotterdam.

25th February 2017
Impression of the artist tour I did during the opening of the Museum show Hyperrealism at Kunsthal Rotterdam on february 25th 2017 Read more »

Opening and artist tour! .

25th February 2017
Hyperrealisme, 50 jaar schilderkunst at de Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam, 25 februari 2017 On Saturday 25 February, the Kunsthal Rotterdam was opening the exhibition... Read more »

Foodscape and Ei in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

25th February 2017
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Opening UWOA show at Mark Peet Visser Gallery, 2016.

14th December 2016
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Nassau County Museum shows Fruit Salad painting.

14th December 2016
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14th December 2016
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13th November 2016
URBAN WORKS OF ART   -Graffitical Archeology & WallFlowers at Mark Peet Visser Gallery, the Netherlands December 11th 2016 through january 8th,... Read more »

Big Burger is purchased by the SevenBridges Museum Collection.

12th November 2016
Big Burger is purchased by the SevenBridges Museum Collection, Greenwich, New York one of the finest realist art collections in the US. Frank Bernarducci made it and we... Read more »

Tjalf Sparnaay’s Photographs are Masterpieces of Humble Magnificence.

12th November 2016
Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, New York, presents “Urban Works of Art: New Photographs,” the first U.S. exhibition of Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay. Read more » Read more »

Video opening photoshow Urban Works of Art at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, october 6, 2016.

12th November 2016
Look at the video » Read more »

Opening and Installationshots.

13th October 2016
URBAN WORKS OF ART at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, october 6th  Read more »

Dutch Culture USA.

13th October 2016
Tjalf Sparnaay solo exhibition at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery Read more » Read more »

URBAN WORKS OF ART, Tjalf Sparnaay.

23rd September 2016
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New Show!.

17th September 2016
URBAN WORKS OF ART, Tjalf Sparnaay | photographs Bernarducci Meisel Gallery New York 6 - 29 October 2016 This year Tjalf Sparnaay’s work as a photographer is... Read more »

Nominated in Artist of the Year 2017 contest !.

14th July 2016
Vote here for me!   Read more »

The Nassau County Museum Of Art, New York presents A Feast for the Eyes.

14th July 2016
Fruit Salad is included !! July 30 - november 6, 2016 With George Grosz, Henri Matisse, Claes Oldenberg, Cindy Sherman, Berenice Abbot and Andy Warhol, Roy... Read more »

PHOTOREALISM, 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting.

5th July 2016
Opening and installationshots in Musee d'Iselles on june 29th, Brussels Lees meer » Following the success of the 2014 exhibition dedicated to the... Read more »

Photorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting.

4th April 2016
opening and installationshots in KUMU Museum, Tallinn, Estland march 17th, 2016 Read more »

Marlborough College Tour in the studio again.

April 2016
Art history students from famous Marlborough College in the UK were in my studio with much discussion of still life and the processes of painting. I loved the curiosity... Read more »

3 European museums will show
Photorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting..

10th February 2016
The Salad and Fried Egg are included The exhibition Photorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting is one of the most comprehensive shows about the art movement... Read more »

Dutch Tulips with Bernarducci Meisel Gallery at Art Miami.

November 29, 2015
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opening soloshow 19 november 2015.

November 19, 2015
Opening soloshow at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York. Read more »

Overview show.

November 19, 2015
Opening soloshow at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York. Read more »

The Observer: 13 things to Do in New York's Art World Before.

November 20, 2015
....'Painting contemporary still lifes like an Old Master, Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay creates larger-than-life canvases of hamburgers, fried eggs, fruit salads and... Read more »

sold out!.

November 19, 2015
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November 19, 2015
Read full article Read more »

a special invitation.

16th November 2015
New works to the USA After his succesfull first retrospective museumshow in The Netherlands at Museum de Fundatie now this exhibiting artist at Bernarducci Meisel... Read more »

American Art Collector, the USA number 1 realistic art magazine.

November, 2015
Read article Read more »

Tjalf in Holland's famous talkshow about his upcoming show in New York.

October 22, 2015
Watch the show Read more »

Pre announcement.

October 3, 2015
Soloshow at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery opens november 19th and runs through december 19th 2015 7 characteristic paintings being created this year are showing us the... Read more »

The Smithsonian Acquires the Complete Records of Pioneer Soho Gallery OK Harris..

August 17, 2015
My former New York gallery Ivan Karp's OK Harris Works of Art closed in 2014 after Ivan pased away in 2012. Now his widow Marilynn Karp Gelfmann donated the gallery's... Read more »

Getting Closer, a documentary by Hester Hagemeijer from 2014.

25 may 2015
Getting Closer, a documentary by Hester Hagemeijer from 2014 full 40 minutes version in HD, English subtitled The film tells the tale of Tjalf Sparnaay’s drive to... Read more »

Documentary Getting Closer broadcasted on National Television.

March 1st 2015
Watch the programm Read more »

RTV NoordHolland vsits the studio.

16 februari 2015
Watch the programm Read more »

Ducht TV programm Business Class visits the museumshow Closer.

28 januari 2015
Watch the programm Read more »

Opening exhibition Closer -the megarealism of Tjalf Sparnaay in Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

17 januari 2015
Minister Plasterk opens the exhibition and talks about Tjalf's work in an intense and fascinating way to amuse more than 400 guests. Read more »

Radioprogramm VPRO Radio 1.

23 januari 2015
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Radioprogramm OPIUM op 4.

13 januari 2015
Dutch art, music and literature programm Read more »

Look around at the exhibition.

14 januari 2015
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Documentary on DVD release.

12 januari 2015
Getting Closer, a documentary film by Hester Hagemeijer released on DVD-see books.... and more Read more »

Installing the museumshow.

12 januari 2015
it took three days to unveal, inspect and to mount 50 works in the main hall and 6 smaller cabinets around. Read more »

Filmpremiere Getting Closer with invited guests.

29 november 2014
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New Book.

Fried eggs, French fries, sandwiches and ketchup bottles, Barbie dolls, marbles and autumn leaves. Artist Tjalf Sparnaay visualizes these trivial subjects and inflates... Read more »

The mega-realism of Tjalf Sparnaay.

Fried eggs, french fries, sandwiches and ketchup bottles, Barbie dolls, marbles and autumn leaves. Artist Tjalf Sparnaay captures images of such trivial themes and... Read more »

Museum show. Museale presentatie.

From January 17th through April 6th, 2015, Museum de Fundatie in the Dutch town of Zwolle will be hosting a show of 50 prominent still-life paintings created by Tjalf... Read more »

Marlborough College Tour!!.

These young and energizing people from Marlborough College (one of the most famous English colleges, founded in 1843) visited a couple of museums like the Mauritshuis... Read more »

New Broodje Gezond sold on preview opening MPV Gallery.

During a preview at MPV Gallery in the Netherlands a brandnew Broodje Gezond, 2013, was sold inmediately Read more »


Tjalf's meticulous and tough work this fall on his very newest painting FlowerPower is almost done.This work is meant to be a modern vanitas like the 17th century Dutch... Read more »


The Lobster painting from 2010 (100 x 130 cm, oil/linen) will be the major image during the whole pr/campaign of the brand new film The Dinner, after the Dutch... Read more »

With owner Mickey Huibregtsen and friend/minister Ronald Plasterk in front of the painting The dishwasher.

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TV recordings in the studio.

Dutch TV did an interview in the studio yesterday for the established TV Show with Ivo Niehe. This program is running in Holland already for 33 years and gets a lot of... Read more »

Filming and posing june 6 NYC.

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Fleamarket Milkmaid and ColaGirl are going to the USA.

4 brandnew works (Supersandwich included) will be shipped to and shown by Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York during the show Summer Sights, opening june 6th... Read more »


This major new work is showing us a modern horn of plenty. The work is available and will be presented at Bernarducci.Meisel, New York, june 2013. Read more »


Starting from january first 2013 Tjalf will be represented by Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery, New York. After the ten years working with OK Harris Works of Art, New York... Read more »

Beyond Realism / Au-delà du réel 8 september - 2 oktober 2012 Montreal, Canada.

Three new works are in the Photorealism retrospective in galerie de Bellefeuille Montreal, Canada. This is the biggest show on Photorealism in Canada so far. More than... Read more »