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Essays | Tjalf Sparnaay


Grafittical Archaeology

From 1972 on, I paid intermittent visits to Berlin, one of the most fascinating cities where I can easily find my way around, with its sprawling circumference and... 阅读文章 »

Art from Entropy: Tjalf Sparnaay and the Archaeology of Graffiti

by Dr. Simon McKeown, Head of Art History, Marlborough College, United Kingdom De Nederlandse kunstenaar Tjalf Sparnaay heeft inmiddels een gerespecteerde plek... 阅读文章 »

Some quotes about my work, inspiration and others.

I am selftaught, no art education, no graduation. I have allways been a visualminded person liking to shape and create. I first started my career as a teacher in... 阅读文章 »

Artist's statement

Tjalf Sparnaay’s paintings hit the retina like bolts of lightning in a clear blue sky. No other painter confronts us quite so clearly with ordinary objects that we... 阅读文章 »

The man who was someone else

Tjalf Sparnaay’s work is a direct legacy of the Dutch tradition of meticulously realistic paintings of food that dates back to the Golden Age. Visitors to the... 阅读文章 »

Mega-Realism, simplicity multiplied a millionfold, about Tjalf Sparnaay’s work

AnnaMarie Hazenberg   “Do you want your egg fried or boiled? Salt and pepper? Fresh orange juice? A cup of tea?” Reality presents itself to us afresh... 阅读文章 »


Ralph Keuning Directeur Museum de Fundatie     Director of Museum de Fundatie Fried eggs, French fries, sandwiches and ketchup bottles, Barbie... 阅读文章 »


Jan Six In an almost forgotten book by C. J. Holmes, Slade Professor of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, one can find a remark that easily fits Tjalf Sparnaay and... 阅读文章 »

Interview with FOODIES WEST, DECEMBER 2013

December 2013
What, to you, is the essence of hyperrealism. Hyperrealism shows the visible world in an extreme detailed way, painted on canvas or whatever. Why do you call it... 阅读文章 »

The Most Delightful Egg: Tjalf Sparnaay & Hyperrealism

Mei 2013
By Laura Eliza Enrique The roundness of the eye is mirrored by the roundness of the orange and yellowish line, forming a perfect circle almost in the middle, slightly... 阅读文章 »

Interview Neweekly, China’s biggest Society Magazine

Mei 2013
And here are the questions: 1,Which artist is your favorite? and which food do you like the best?   Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt and he American Photorealists... 阅读文章 »

FOUR, prestigious and biggest Magazine on food

1. What is your take on the boundaries between reality and art? I never thought of that in particular, considering my work it means everything is reality but not... 阅读文章 »

Interview with HR+, the Turkish Art Glossy

summer 2012
6-When you taking photos what do you pay attention for? What is important for you about taking photos It is the second step in the progress of a painting after... 阅读文章 »